Blue Sun Mod

Blue Sun Mod for 7.62: High Calibre

7.62 FAQ

Q - The game keeps crashing when exiting a sector or loading a sector, why?

A - This is probably due to some corrupted TGA's. You need to set all TGA's in the GAMEDIR\BMP\HUD\ sub-folders to read only. Do this right after a new and clean install of the game.

Q - Where do I get a car?

A - There are only one person that sells cars in the game, Rico Reyes in Cali Cantinos. You need the required money to actually buy one. Never order one, it wont come.
There is another way to get a car, by a random mission for one of the mayors. You need 10000 eldos to pay a tax debt and another 60000 eldos for the car.

Q - What is the point of the Army Base under my control? I see that I do have some guards that I can order to different sectors, but what is the point in holding the base? There appears to be nothing there, nothing of value. The enemy keeps attacking it, and I'm tired of rushing in to defend it for no reason. If it has no real purpose, then I'm just going to let it fall. My personal doctor was already killed when some of Sosa's men attacked it the first time.

A - At the army base you can gather 3 NPC's that help you with different things. The Medic that heals you for free, the mechanic that repairs your weapons(need to hold weapon in hand for it to work) and you can get a trader that has the most impressive arsenal in the game. Those NPC's are available through side missions, I'm not going to tell you which

Q - I have found several field manuals on bodies or in shops. Weapons manuals for the M203, SVD, MP5, etc. What are these for? I have tried activating them or seeing if they had another use, but all I can do is look at their Info page or drop them. They don't go into my quest inventory either. Are these used for anything, such as being able to read them to increase skills?

A - They are supposed to increase the skill of the respective weapon if you carry them in your inventory, but I have never noticed any difference and they take too much inventory space to carry around with you.

Q - What's wrong with tripwire mines? I set them up and the enemy just walks or runs right through them and they don't even explode. At first I was just right-clicking to set them, but after not working I tried messing around a bit and found that I needed to drag the icon to make a red line representing the wire spread. At least now I can see the two stakes spread out with the 'M' marker over where the wire should be. But I don't see an actual wire, is there something missing? Why aren't they working when enemy units pass the trip line?

A - The tripwires and mines are weak, and if one of the enemies sees them, it means all his mates also knows they're there. I've found that they are most effective against Bandits, the Algeirans and Rebels have too high skills and notice them very fast.

Q - I'm wondering what the purpose is of all the TNT charges I'm finding. Their blast is pretty small, no shrapnel, and can't be detonated by remote. So what is their purpose? I can toss them like a grenade, but their timer is far too long to be useful in that role. Should I be saving these up for something later?

A - They are meant to be placed close to other explosives to increase the blast, but grenades works just as well and have shrapnels. You can activate the TNT, but the fuse is something like 30 seconds and it's hard to get the enemy where you want in that short time

Q - I got a truck from a quest. I have noticed that on the inventory screen there are two colored lines next to the truck icon, red and blue. I know that blue appears to be the cargo load. The higher up the blue bar goes, the fuller your cargo is. But what is the red bar, damage or fuel?

A - The red bar shows damage, the blue bar shows how much of the inventory space is used.

Q - How do I repair my car?

A - The only way to repair the car is by using an exploit in the game. Give the car keys to a bartender, blow up the car, then ask for the car back and you'll get a brand new one. Remember to empty the trunk before you do this.

Q - I found the guy to order different vehicles from. Apart from the model appearance, is there any benefit between the various vehicles? Do some travel faster, hold less cargo, provide better travel concealment, or have any useful benefits that would make it worth getting something different than the default truck?

A - Speed and cargo space are the most important factors, but there is also the matter of how much sound they make. All this is calculated in how often you'll get ambushed by bandits. Personally I go for the biggest trunk(URAL then BTR when I got the cash for it) but early in the game a fast car is very useful

Q - Is there any point in using the various uniforms? I found a nice ghillie suit that my sniper is using, it says it provides a concealment bonus. I have since found a lot of various rebel, soldier, and police uniforms. They add weight to my load, so is there any point in wearing them or are they just for looks?

A - The uniforms can be used to gain access to towns that are hostile to you. If you play for the Rebels and are at war with the government, put one one and you can enter those government controlled towns without triggering combat. But if you get too close to the police or soldiers, they will turn hostile.

Q - How to you end the mission which tells you to assassinate "Gonzalo Teteira" somebody. The mission is given by the govt. side. I seem to wait for ever for the guy who never shows up & the mission ends as a failure

A - Ahh, that's a tricky one. You are supposed to wait until night and he'll appear at one of the entry points. I'm not sure if it's the same day as the mission is given or the day after. In the town of Sagrada there are a few NPC's that are called "Local". They are not normal civilians, and once you kill Gonzalo Teteira they'll turn hostile. If you kill them, there are 3 or 4 of them, before Gonzalo arrives, he will be hostile when he gets there.

Here's what I do: When given the mission I go to Sagrada and kill those Locals. I then exit to the global map and speed up time. When Gonzalo arrives you'll get a message that there is fighting going on, re-enter the tactical map, locate and kill Gonzalo and Bob's your uncle

Q - I'm getting attacked by the rebels when I enter the rebel camp after I have escorted Pereira or hired a new merc.

A - This bug has been present since day one and there is no easy fix for it, I've heard that even the developers gave up on trying to fix it. The bug starts when you defend/attack CdO and one of your allies accidentally injures an NPC. Since you're playing for the rebels, it means the Indians are in conflict with the NPC's in that town, and when you then hire a new merc after that mission(or escort Pereira) you inherit that conflict and turn hostile towards the indian rebels. The trick is to go to the Rebel camp, park your mercs at the exit point, sneak up with one of your mercs and shoot a quick shot at the rebels. They will then turn hostile and you need to exit the sector as quickly as possible, without killing anyone. Then go to Fuerte Calderon and talk to Calderon, you'll get an option to buy neutrality from him for a cost of 50000 eldos. If you do the problem will be solved

Q - I can't find the safe in Artrigo.

A - The safe is in the room without windows in the governmant building, you need your main merc to open it.

Blue Sun Mod FAQ

Q - I start a new game but don't have any weapons. Where can I get one?

A - Talk to Picante de Pollo, if you help her she will give you one.

Q - Where can I find the Book of Koans?

A - At the altar in El Vertigo.

Q - Where can I find the Koan pages?

A - In Artrigo, Cali Cantinos and Ciudad-de-Oro.

Q - I can't find the underground bunker where the Jingoes are hiding the stolen gold.

A - There are three ways to get in, being escorted by the Librarian, taling to Trip Yu after the battle at the old mines or picking up the gold bar at the old mines.


Q - How do the "Play for myself" campaign work?

A - Start by talking to Paquito in Santa Maria and do the mission he offers. Then it's Paco in Sagrada, Jim-Bob at the Harbor, Billy-Bob at the Harbor and finally Tang at the Blue Sun Base.

Q - How do I level up?

A - Right-click on the Killbook in the quest item slot in your inventory.

Q - How do I recruit mercenaries?

A - Talk to the Barmen, ask them what they have to offer and borrow the radio and call M.E.R.C. Or if you have a field radio already, just call M.E.R.C.

Q - Where do I find Tanya and the Rebel Camp?

A - Talk to the Librarian in Sagrada, he'll mark the location on the global map.

Q - How do I recruit Militia to protect my sectors?

A - Talk to the Mayor in your sector or call him with the field radio.

Q - Where can I find a radio?

A - In the safe at the player base.

Q - How do I get a Bank Account?

A - Talk to the Bank Clerk in Puerto Viejo to open an account.

Q - How does the taxes work?

A - You should start by activating the tax collection, that is done by talking to the Bank Clerk. Once it's set up the money will be available in your Tax Account. You can set it to pay out directly or to your personal Bank Account.

Q - What are the Tax Rates?

A - There are 10 levels of tax rates, 5 being the median and has no side effects. A higher tax rate decreases your popularity while a lower increases it.

Q - Can I change the settings in BlueSunMod.ini in the middle of the game?

A - Most settings can be changed without starting a new game, but there are those who can't. You need to test it yourself to find out which.

Q - How do I use the new merc prices in the BlueSunMod.ini

A - Change the PriceSystem "1" to PriceSystem "2", then the game will use the new prices below that entry.

Sniper/Spotter system
The sniper must use the CheyTac M200 and stay within 5 meters of the spotter. The spotter must have the Vector IV laser rangefinder in his hands and the CheyTac Advanced Ballistic Computer in his inventory. Right-click on the ABC and select "Calculate Input" and the sniper will get a boost in Sniping and shooting skills. If the sniper or spotter moves away, or any of them removes the items they are holding in their hands, the boost the sniper got will slowly turn back to their original settings.
Weapons included in this system:
- CheyTac M200 (.408 CheyTac)
- Gepard GM6 Lynx (.50 BMG)
- Accuracy International AS50 (.50 BMG)
- Barret M107 (.50 BMG)
- Barrett M90 (.50 BMG)
- Barret M82A3 (.50 BMG)

The new tax system
There are 10 levels, 5 being the "neutral" level. If you increase the tax level you'll get a popularity penalty, the higher the level, the faster popularity will decrease. A lower tax level does the opposite. To prevent misuse of the tax, and to find a balance, the sector in question will revolt and become neutral if popularity drops below 30. This means you can squeeze the population for a while, but then you must lower the tax level again if you want to keep control. Sectors have a different tax base, and this reflects the tax income. the more population a sector has, the more money you'll get from it.

The Tax revenue is gathered in a tax account, you can set it to pay out directly or automatically move it into your personal bank account where it will generate interest.

The militia
You can recruit militia directly, but it costs a lot and drains your funds quickly. you can also increase militia spending to speed up the automatic recruitment, but that usually takes a few days before they turn up in the sector. In the dialog there is a "keep troops at this level" option, which doesn't mean no new recruits will show up but that it takes time and sometimes some even leave your service. There's also an option to decrease and in crease this type of spending. The economics of this system is all from the money you carry with you, it never takes anything from the bank of tax fund accounts.

The mechanic
to get the "Upgrade" option you need to have the money for it and that ranges from 4000 to 30000 depending on what car and level you want. As an example, the first level for the Ford costs 4000, the second level costs 7000 and the final costs 13000. Ford is the cheapest of the cars to upgrade, if you have any other car be prepared to pay more.