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so hey everyone! i was talking to DFN for a while and we noticed that there seems to be no people registering to the forum lately, we discovered that in the forum the members need to be approved by the admin before they can post anything, but [email protected] seems to be away for some time, and the last person to be approved was in december, now this makes me worried because people cannot register on the forum and request or report bugs with my mod, therefore me and DFN have decided to create a new forum, at least temporarily, where i can post new updates and people can register to provide feedback better

the new forum is located here:

the new thread for my weapons is located here:

i'll also take the time to announce that me and DFN have been talking for a while, and we decided to merge our mods, that is, my weapon mod and his mercenary mod, so now you guys can have hundreds of weapons and mercs! we have come up with the name "Mercapocalypse", so im going to continue posting my updates there, so i ask you guys to register and use the new forum for both my and DFN's updates!

the forum requires only a simple registration to post, let me know if i should make any changes to make things better




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