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So what do you play in your spare time right now?

I guess this kind of game (7.62) attracts tactical players, so maybe i find something nice to play I never heard of

I start

RimWorld -that game is just awesome! Little space colony managment

Arma 2 or 3 -becasue professional deformation

Steel Panthers -that shit is old TBS, but rereleased by Camo Workshop and they add new content every year

Gorky 17 -polish tactical turn based rpg

SpellCross -highly recommended TBS -and from my homeland (which produce one video game per decade :))

Jagged Alliance 2 -I need to say why?

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 -oldie but goodie

Wasteland 2 -got it some time ago, never had time to play it until now and it looks as good RPG

Unreal World -finnish medieval survival game


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Thanks for the reccomendations, Gorky 17 is just 0.69€ (or something - as well as JA 2:Wildfire) right now @steam, maybe I'll give it a try and I already got Wasteland 2 on my radar, most probably I'll take it on next fall only;)

Well, I'm not playing much these days, so unfortunately I do not have any real hints in return. I bought Arma 3 out of habit a few months ago and as usual played it a lot despite the fact that I wasn't really happy about it, as usual.

Latest acquisition was Dishonored, not exactly tactics, but if you liked the "Thief"-game series and don't mind the toonish-looking characters, give it a shot.

Blackguards was like petty above average (The Dark Eye rule set sucks in computer games, imho), as long as you get it for a few bucks (let's say ~10) I still can recommend it. There's a demo version available.

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I kinda like Arma 3, but dislike that futuristic setting and lack of content (mods can repair that!

still I would rather stay with arma 2 but all my friends slowly migrated into 3, we have even our own server

Gorky is worth to try, its hard and creepy game

Will look for Blackguards

And yeah I played Dishonored long time ago, as fan of thief games I played them all (only that new one sucks)


"Mercenaries Never Die They Just Go To Hell To Regroup"

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Minecraft. Skyrim. X3 Terran Conflict. Those are the ones I'm playing now in between sessions of screaming at BSM. :D

Fallout Tactics is an older, but definitely solid tactical RPG. Definitely worth playing.

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