Blue Sun Mod

Blue Sun Mod for 7.62: High Calibre

 Welcome to the Blue Sun Mod Community 

A new Blue Sun Mod is available, the J.J. Abrams version with extra lens flares!


The Blue Sun Mod has gotten a facelift thanks to the hard work of Thrillseeker and SilverGirl. The new portraits joefoxx made for Lambert, Alena, Gorres, Kelly, Miguel, Mindow, Paco and Paquito has been added so far, hopefully he'll have time to complete the rest in the future. D_F_N has sorted the JA2 mercs giving them much needed attention, they are now much closer to their JA2 counterparts in terms of stats.

A special thanks to all the testers for helping out, it really speeds up development time and produces a better end product. And a big thanks to Sprut for once again making the installer.

This will most likely be the last version of the Blue Sun Mod, the coming year wont leave me much time to continue developing it. But do not despair, there are already very talented people working on other mods for 7.62. Hopefully we'll be able to play an English version of the HardLife Addon in a near future as well, I'll try to help with the translation effort once it starts.

And remember, I will always have time to help anyone interested in modding 7.62, so my knowledge of the game structure and quirks will never be lost. Just PM me your questions and I'll do my best to help.

How to install:

1: Install 7.62 in a new folder, like C:\games\7.62\. Do not install the game in the default folder like "Program Files" or "User".

2: Mount or burn the bsm_2.1.iso image.

3: Run the setup.exe and choose your installation options.
(The installer includes the Unofficial Patch 1.06, media.pack files and everything else needed to make the game work, but remember to check the right options. It also has an option for our German players who can select the German Unofficial Patch and GCP files, and the Russian Compatibility Patch(RCP) for owners of the Russian version of the game.)

4: Run the BlueSunMod.exe to start the game.

Download from Yandex.Disk

Download from Mega

Download Torrent

Size: 840MB

MD5: 2D5265507F54A8DDB5B4F4C24559FCC2

Keep in mind that the launcher uses code injection, which is considered bad behavior by most antivirus programs. It is a false positive, there are no viruses in this mod, but you need to add the BlueSunMod.exe to your program's Trusted Files/Exception List. I recommend turning off your antivirus program and disconnect your Internet before you start installing the mod, and adding BlueSunMod.exe to the Trusted Files when you start up your antivirus program again. Don't start the game before this is done, or it will remove the file it considers a threat.

P.S. There are no extra lens flares in this mod, that was false advertisement ;)

MusicMod for BSM

Here's a little treat from D_F_N that adds new music to the game, and for us old tactical gamers I'm sure most of us will recognize and enjoy them.


How to install:

1: Extract the  BSMMusicMod.7z archive to a temporary directory

2: Copy the INI and Music folders to your game directory

3: Start the game




No need to start a new game or anything, and if you don't like it, all you have to do is delete the SOUNDS file in \7.62\INI\ folder

Nightprowler presents


The first version of the 7.62 Reloaded English translation is ready for download:

7.62 Reloaded English translation

Have fun and please report any issues and it will be corrected

Guineapig's Modlab

A new English alpha version of the ecomod is now available at guineapig's modlab. It has a new address, so here's the link:

 Guineapig's Modlab