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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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Spy DNA is a new time-based game in development from Shy Snake studio that resembles very much the SPM games from Apeiron.

A few words about the game and game story


The developers call it "a tactical squad RPG that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation"

Its actually time-based as are our beloved games from Apeiron.

The game is set about 70 years in the future, and the player controls a squad of genetically-enhanced superspies with unique talents.

When the genetic enhancement research is stolen from the lab, it is your character's task to recover it and prevent a rogue nation from creating an army of super-soldiers. In the course of the game, you will face a variety of baddies, such as endangered animal traffickers, unethical researchers and rogue military organizations.

Shy Snake studio



The studio is composed of two persons. Jason Sams and Alex Maier.

Jason Sams:


Got started in software development writing games on a TRS-80 model 3 and later Apple IIc and then PCs. Spent time as a specialist in computer graphics at Be where he created the OpenGL hardware driver and wrote the 3Dfx and ATI Radeon drivers. Worked on performance issues as part of OpenGL team at NVIDIA. Led the team that created the CPU and GPU compute runtime for Android OS at Google.

Alex Maier:

Spent most of her career building user and developer communities for companies like Red Hat, VMware, and Google, as well as startups. In free time, she enjoys writing short stories, drawing, and painting, which she’s had a passion for ever since she could hold a pen in her hand :)

With Spy DNA, Alex can finally pursue her artistic passion full-time by writing the story, dialog, and creating the levels for the game.

History and development


- The first announcement of the game was on 26 of June 2015. It is unknown when the idea of such game was conceived but the game was in development since January 2015.

- At first it seems that only Alex was working on the game until Jason joined on February 3 2016.

- The game was using Unreal Engine 4.10 then 4.12 and then switched to Lumberyard. (now they are on version 4.151)

- On June 20 2016 a Kickstarter campaign was launched where the developers were asking a measly 150k $ , which was the estimate of the costs of enhanced assets that would be needed from third parties.Due to low exposure the campaign was unsuccessful.

- On December 1 2016 a new Steam Greenlight Concept page was up.

- February 26 2017 the Spy DNA Alpha demo became live. ATTENTION! The demo has heavy system requirements to run smoothly. Its in ALPHA state! That means many glitches and bugs. It doesnt show much of the game, its more of a proof of concept. Better wait for Beta.

- And finally on March 21 2017, after only 13 days, Spy DNA was Greenlit on Steam!

Now the team is working on a new more detailed demo.

We are also waiting for early access which is scheduled for Q2 2017.

Shy Snake said that their goal is to release the full game sometime in Q3 2017!

The game is to be released in English, German and Russian languages.

Sources and stuff


Official Blog:

Official forum:

Youtube channel:

Facebook page:

Twitter page:

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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I will NOT be updating this post. If you want updates, as new info become available, go here or better here

What we know so far (most info can be found in the following post in videos if you think the following is TL;DR)


- The game has detailed Attributes and Skills.

There are the main Attributes categories each detailed by 3 sub-attributes. Each sub-attribute range from 0-100 and the median is the score for the attribute category. Human average is 50.



Strength (How much the character can carry before he start being encumbered, damage in melee)

Stamina (how long before you become tired, movement speed)

Physical Quickness (how fast you can move with NO encumbrance)


Dexterity (your ability to manipulate fine objects i.e. lockpicking, how well you can aim weapons)

Reaction (reaction time)

Flexibility (i.e. can you sneak through a ventilation duct, can you get out of restraints you ve been tided up)


Physical Health (How robust your health is)

Endurance (Your ability to continue on despite injury)

Healing (how fast you can recover after a battle)


Reasoning (your ability to solve problems - used a lot in dialog checks, influences skills like hacking)

Memory (your ability to recall things- used in dialogs)

Quickness (how long it takes to do the above things i.e. while defusing a time bomb quickness determines if you do it on time)

Motivation (Willpower)

Pain Tolerance (self explanatory)

Motivation (ability to learn skills and how much time it takes)

Mental Health (keep focus against start having stress reactions like rage)


Looks (primarily used in dialogs)

Leadership (keeping the team motivated. Can also be used in dialogs)

Charisma (general threshold with NPCs that dont fit the above)


Eyesight (self explanatory - raycast system with visibility modifiers and spotting check)

Hearing (self explanatory - DB based with attenuation)

Smelling (i.e. the ability to detect a poison in a room or a room filled with flamable gas or perfume on characters)

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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SKILLS (the list is NOT final):

Skill range is 0-100. Human average is 25.

Skill checks are always paired with one attribute. i.e. observation with eysight or observation with hearing depending what you are trying to detect. Lockpicking with dexterity, Hacking with reasoning or other intelligence attributes etc etc

Pistols (shooting accuracy with this category of weapons)

Rifles (shooting accuracy with this category of weapons). Rifles skill is paired with Strenght and Dexterity and there is also a difficulty factor.

Sniper rifles (shooting accuracy with this category of weapons)

Shotguns (shooting accuracy with this category of weapons)

Launchers (shooting accuracy with this category of weapons)

Throwing grenades (accuracy of throwing a grenade - how far from the intended target it will land)

Throwing knifes (accuracy of throwing a knife - how far from the intended target it will land)

Stealth (how much you can mitigate the noise when moving around, how much you can avoid being spotted when trying to hide)

Observation (the inverse of stealth. The ability to detect things)

Lock Picking (self explanatory)

Hacking (self explanatory)

Unarmed Fighting (self explanatory, does mainly stun damage - paired with quickness and strenght for chance-to hit and damage, paired with reaction for avoiding getting hit)

Melee One Handed (self explanatory, damage type depends on weapon but mainly physlical damage - paired with quickness and strenght for chance-to hit and damage, paired with reaction for avoiding getting hit)

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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- There is character creation that affects attributes and skills through a set of questions and answers ala JA2 style

- Encumbered system exists much like we already know it. The more you carry, the slower you move.

- Movement modes: Sprint, Jog, Walk, Fast Crouch, Slow Crouch, Prone

- Weapon at the ready and moving with weapon at the ready. Planned.

- Shooting until enemy is killed/down. Planned.

- Aim at point. Planned.

- There are no Hit Points. Instead there is an anatomical 3D model of the character to determine where you are hit and what damage/injury you take. Different characters have different 3D models.

- Learn by using or training. No silly stuff like shooting a few enemies in the head and now you are better at hacking. Training is done between missions.

- There are armors and there is a penetration system. Overpenetration is present i.e. if the bullet has enough energy it can pass through an enemy and hit the one standing behind.

- There is a ballistic model which determines how a bullet behaves. Accuracy and penetration depend on range of target.

- Concealable weapons present.

- Tiredness system. Or fatigue/stamina/energy/O2 system , name it as you like. Present.

- Suppressive fire. Planned.

- Calmness system. Or morale/adrenaline/shock/stun system, name it as you like. Some sort of it present. Some Planned.

- Destructible environment. Some. I believe close to 7.62mm Reload level. Definetely not fully destructible like Silent Storm.

- Fire from the hip. Planned.

- Chance to hit is calculated through CEP (circular error probability) not an abstract number like i.e. 35%.

- Single shot, burst fire, auto fire. Present.

- Recoil present and tied to each individual weapon.

- Recoil makes subsequent shots in burst or auto fire loose accuracy.

- Recoil affects re-aiming time when on single fire for the next shot after the first for the same target.

- Shooting at the same target increases the accuracy.

- Stance of shooter affects accuracy. Standing

- How the target moves compared to shooters' position affects the accuracy of the shooter. i.e. if the target moves vertical to the LOS of shooter-target, then accuracy is affected alot. If the target moves directly towards the shooter (effectively riding the LOS), accuracy may not be affected at all.

- Targeting system bundles together snap shooting, aimed shooting, scoped shooting. Now it depends on how much time you wish to spend aiming.

- Time cost allocated to several actions, including aiming and shooting, will be revisisted as now its not balanced at all.

- There is no medicine skill as genetic enhancements take care of that.

- Disabling/Incapacitating wounds. Present.

- Queing orders. Present. Actually AUTOqueing.

- 1st person view. Present.

- Some attention to details: The slide of a pistol moves when firing.

- 1-handed melee weapons only. No 2-handed.

- Autofire on an arc. Planned.

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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- Attachement system for firearms (scopes, flashlights, lasers, foregrips, UGLs). Planned.

- Fire on the move. Planned!

- Minimum system requirements. TBA. Probably heavy, especially for a GPU.

- Firearms/Weapons. 20+. Firearms in 3 main lines: Conventional, Gauss, Flechettes.

- Maps. Size range from 128x128 meters to 2048x2048 meters. Thats 4 square kilometers! A big improvement over the maps we are used to in Apeiron's games. Now you can have realistic engagement distances.

- Procedural maps. Some maps are procedural created, much like the maps of UFO:EA and UFO:TFTD. That means high replayability.

- Z-axis on maps. It will be restricted to one plane of variable elevation depending on map.

- Modding support. Only after game is released. Generated levels, Npcs, items: probably. Custom levels: probably not.

- C&C (choices and consequences) of story flow. Present.

- RP (role playing)/story through decisions and skill/attribute checks.

- GUI is not final but near final. (I actually dont believe that! I personally think they have a long way to go!)

- Attributes of weapons (probably not all attributes are here): ROF burst, ROF single/auto, has single shot, has auto, burst lenght, skill, power mod, accuracy mod, affiliated ammo types

- Attribute of ammo (maybe not all attributes are here): bullet diameter, density modifier, velocity, ammo type (penetration, aero, lenght to width ratio, stability, accuracy, explosive type), cartridge mass modifier, explosive ratio, fragment count, fragment mass ratio

- Suppressors. Present.

- Firearms jamming. Planned.

- Bouncing. Will you be able to bounce a hand grenade on a wall? Probably yes. There is a video where this happens although unintentonally.

- Can you sidestep/strafe (or roll when prone)? Not currently planned. May be included in the future.

- PGFs like TrackingPoint or One Shot XG(now CWO) or other interim systems like Eliminator or even for 40mm GL like FN FCU. "Advanced aiming systems. Yes, exact effects are still being tuned."

- Guard mode. "Some form or logic is planned. It's not clear how far we will go. Effectively you are issuing an AI command to a playable character at that point."

- Inventory system. Yes, not as much detailed as Apeiron's games. There will be a volume limit as also some quick access slots to differentiate the access time.

- Grenade throwing arc. "Ideally yes, I just need to come up with a good UI to do it."

- Can you change when the game pauses. "Yes, in the demo the buttons for this are right below the compass. We need to make it more clear when they trigger and finish the mechanism but it will be there."

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
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- Field of view display. "Press and hold "L". We will have a better visualization in time. My first pass at a better one used too much CPU."

- Interruptable commands. Yes. "You can right click on the character portrait to clear their queue. Most commands will be interruptable. A few will not. Basically those that would leave the character in an undetermined state would reach a point where they must finish. Ex: draw a weapon, you could stop up until the hand were on the weapon and moving it."

- Detection. "Right now it's party based. If a member of your party sees the enemy, all do. We do track the information of which characters each player character has seen. We don't yet use it to enforce attack restrictions or penalties."

- Enhancements (genetic modifications). Didnt want to do a transcript of the video so here is the video itself:

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D_F_N aka "realism freak" :)
Posts: 156

I will NOT be updating this thread. If you want updates, as new info becomes available, go

here :

or better here :


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